21 thoughts on “Graphic Pictures of Shoota Shellz Surface Online, Dead After Dissing G Herbo x Lil Bibby’s 150 NLMB Gang | R.I.P.

  1. they just ned to nuclear bomb chicago and start over fr. none of them niggas worth shit . and lets hopw the babies that make dont make it


  2. 150 NOMB HAHAHA FUCK Shoota Shellz! That Nigga Was LACKIN…Clown Ass Nigga! Don’t Diss A REAL NIGGA Cause You Gonna End Up Like This Fuck Boy! 150NLMB!! SMOKIN SHOOTA But My Blunt Leakin Like
    it’s Been Shot 16 Times 😂😂


  3. Damn…..I Can See His Rap Skills Leaking On The Street! #TEAMNOLACKIN! 150NLMB!!


  4. This is so sad cause this is exactly what the white man wants us to do, completely destroy our race by killing each other so they don’t have to bother with blacks. We’re in a race war , better wake up.


    • Ain’t nobody want to make anyone do anything. Donnie Trump made you think this was true when it wasn’t so fuck him and your dumb ass assumptions bruh. We all in this together we all getting fucked over.


    • Herb a pussy nlmb ain’t do shit y’all to pussy to send hittaz shells way that nigga woulda smoked all ya asses but niggas was to pussy pull up on a nigga the g way #300 #600 #fuck150 150 full of pussys niggas deadass still trapping out they moms house getting they own family shot and shit idgaf tho I’m taking everybody’s lives wrong place wrong time nah fuck that if yo boy and op so are u y’all just upped my bc hahahahaha


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